CMS: Questions about creating ecommerce fully shopping experience with Webflow

Hello, Webflow team and community!

I have little ecommerce webflow site (1 product category without cart functionality) and now i’m preparing it for scale using new CMS functionality. But in the process, I’ve encountered a number of difficulties (see bulleted questions below).

My final target is to create a fully shopping experience for my customers. And I’m trying to figure it out whether is it possible with Webflow CMS.

To begin, I want to present the idea of product catalogue that I need to be created:
all red colored content is dynamic; purple is something that I’m working on now (dynamic list).

  • Why I can not make 5 columns in a dynamic list (although I can just 2, 3, 4 or 6)?
  • How to make a content setting available to get from the fields of multi-referenced collection? Only Single reference is possible, right now. Although the Conditional visibility can be operated from the Multi-reference.
  • Is it possible to add different filters and sorting on site, so that users can filter the products by its characteristics? If not, when do you plan to release it? What solutions can be used right now?
  • Is it possible to use a dynamic URL to display the filtered result page? Is it possible to dynamically change H1 text, using the characteristics of the products, which were filtered according to user’s search query (needed for SEO)? If not, when do you plan? What solutions can be used right now?
  • Not all search engines refused to take into account Meta Keywords as a ranking factor (for example, Russian search engine Yandex, whose Russian search market share is 50+ %, doesn’t refused that). Can I add Meta Keywords using emded code? How?
  • Are there any plans to develop native Cart and Checkout functionality for Webflow sites? I haven’t found any good solution for my needs. For example, Shopify makes it impossible to customise checkout form fields, and forcing users to add shipping address and ZIP, before user selects a proper shipping method which could be self pick-up into offline store or locally delivered by delivery-boy (but ZIP field is also always need to be filled).

Thank you, guys, in advance!

Hello, again!

Does anybody have any idea about my task?

Thank you.

Hello, @GregoryShevchenko. I will try to reply on some of your questions.

Because standard Webflow grid system has 12 columns. But you can create your own rows and columns from divs by setting its width in % and apply float:left option to it.

I think multi-referenced collections are available only on the dynamic templates. but not sure on 100%

All filtering and sorting of dynamic content are available in the Designer mode. For giving users filtering options on your site, you will have to set pre-filtered collections. If I got it right from your other topic (about filters and sortings) not all filtering option that you need are natively available in Webflow, unfortunately.

Also, some other of your questions more related to a Search engine functionality, which is not built into Webflow now. I am not a part of the Webflow team and do not know their plans about adding this functionality into this platform, but I can recommend posting your requests about new features in the Wishlist category of this forum.


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Did you ever get an answer to your question about filtering? I’d love to be able to filter products on a page by size, color, brand, price, etc.

Does this work in Webflow?