Webflow roadmap: Filter and sorting functionality? Cart?

Hello, Webflow team!

I’ve got a little eShop on your platform (about 50 pages):

I’m going to add new product categories on my site (about 150 more pages for site) and thinking hard about redoing my webflow site using your new CMS (don’t have any data base for now, all content is “hard coded” into html). The only thing that stops me from doing that is the absense of the ability to sort and filter content without using any third-party jQuery plugins (for now I have no sorting functionality on my site, filter func is made using css and interactions).

Could you tell me, please, are you going to add this functionality (as your core, “from box”, without any embed code) at least in 2015?

This info would help me to make a desicion on what tasks i should concentrate primarily in my moneymaking proccess: should I add new content (new product categories) like i’ve done before, or for now I could invest my time into “infrastructure”, because soon you would develop new functionality for your CMS.

Waiting for you reply.
Thank you a lot!

P.S.: is there any plans to add a “Cart functionality”?


Hello, Webflow team!

Still wainting for your reply.

Thanks a lot!

Hey @GregoryShevchenko

I dont know anything about the Filter and sorting functionality but about the E-Commerce here is a direct quote from Webflow’s CMS Web Page

Ecommerce integration
Connect your Webflow site to an ecommerce
backend to create a full-featured store.
Or create your own shopping experience from scratch.

Hopefully this answers your question