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CMS results are the same

Hi! I am working on a CMS collection right now. I am creating the member list using the content from CMS collection but it turns out that every picture, name, and subject appears the same. I wonder how I can fix this problem? Thank you so much!

@Pimwipha_Cheaptumron are you using ‘get text from’? :thinking: In any case, please share your read-only link, that way we can take a look at what’s going on.

Yes, I am using get text from… but it turns out that they all appears the same element.

If you want help you MUST post your preview link

@Pimwipha_Cheaptumron I was going to say what Janne said as well. Do check out the article I shared if you’re not sure how to find your read-only link. Just the published link isn’t enough in this case since I couldn’t look at the CMS this way.

I am so sorry about the link. Here is the preview one. Thank you so much for your help!

Ok, many things here.

  1. you are using a grid (i think grid supports collections now) but you can’t do it this way, since you are using a collection page that will show you a current record (one record) and yoy want to show more then one record i asume with more people?

  2. I would have used i flexbox as a container with 3 divs inside. Then you have to build a page that can use all records in the collection.

On the other hand what do yopu want to do??? What is your goal?

This is a little tricky to explain, but the page you are working in is simply one page of your CMS. The CMS references you’re using are only able to reference the information of that one page. You have the same reference copied and pasted 3 times. Click through this part of the interface to better understand:

To accomplish the effect you’re looking for, delete your duplicate references… then you need to add a Collection List element and point that to the desired CMS you want to display. Place the image, name, and subtext elements inside that Collection List and all of the members will be displayed.

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Is it something like this you want to do?

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Yes, definitely. How can I do in order to fix that? :smiley:

Ok, i did cheet now. We need to rebuild a bit. The problem is that im going for dinner now and can help you for the moment. I can help you later.

In that case i ned to know excactly what you want to do. The way i did this now is not the correct way but it works. But i asume that the user should be able to click on the teacher to get more detaild info.

What you want to do?

Thank you so much. I think I would like the output similar to what you have shown me. Each person include a picture, a name and a subject they teach. (It’s teacher alumni’s page)

Right now I don’t need to make each person clickable because we don’t have content for each person yet. I want to make it CMS collection because it’s easier for my client to organise the content and later I can add more page to each person in the future.

Ok will give you a hint and you might be able to solve it your self.

Create a new page (not s collection page) Include the collection list you want so show, Select a format of the collection layout that is ok for you. As you could se on my sample i used 3 in one row. Do your layout add more fields and Webflow will do the work.

As step 2 you can add a link as one field, this link will then point to current record and open your collection page (where you where trying to do this) where you show detaild information about current teacher.

Not sure you understand???

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This is a good place to look

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I think I understand what you mean now. Thank you so much! I will take a look again. I think what I have done wrong is I shouldn’t create a collection page first. I just create a normal page and then link the layout and element to the collection page later. I think I am right?

Create a new page, add a collection list, design and the for detail info link to built in collection page

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It works for me now. Thank you so much again. You save my life! :smiley:

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look at that, all sorted :slight_smile: