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Problem with CMS (beginner)

Hi, I am using CMS for the first time in Webflow. Right now I want to create an Alumni Program list about 20 people on a page and I would like to use CMS so that my client can edit content easily by himself. I wonder why the output of the cards has the same results? I already put different content in CMS but it seems like the Webflow chooses only one of them repeatedly.

Thank you so much!

Your screenshot shows that you are in a Collection template Page, so that page will only show things related to the CMS item you’re on.

A template page means you design the final page that is showing 1 item at a time.

To make a list of all items, you need to use a Collection List, either on this page template or on another static page. Add a Collection list from the Add menu and the rest should be pretty obvious.