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Collection vs just using a grid, what am I missing?

Ok, I am a novice, so bare with me. Why use a collection vs just a grid layout for a blog type page? I get the value if you have a 100 posts or something and it’s all saved in a spreadsheet.

That said, if you’re going to be building it, and just typing in info, along with good class definitions, is there a value to the collection I am missing? Ok, the collection will sort of build the pages your linking too, but couldn’t you just copy and past one page (the main post) and just swap the data nearly as easily? You still need to build the collection CMS page and point to the items.

@ipt Im not sure i understand you question. But will try to explain. As you Said a collection container xxx numbder of records,

Lets say you have one page with a list showing all records in the collection but with minimal information. This collection might have a filter and a sorting order. This is the layout in one (1) page.

Then the user want to read more about this article by pressning the button read more or similair. The button link will then use the collection setting/ function link to current blog page.

Then you have designed your CMS page (auto generated by webflow) this page is designed once and used by all records When likning to it.
One design used by all blog records

More info here

Thanks. I guess if you have a ton of volume that saves time.

At the end of the day though, if I am generating as I go, just dropping a heading, image and paragraph into a grid on the main blog “collection” page, and copying and pasting a built full write up page of a post (swapping the images and text of course to be relevant) will accomplish the same thing, generally (I think).

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LOL, yeah that was confusing. I’m from Alaska.

I guess what I was trying to say is that building a “blog post” (once you have one built) can be just cut and pasting items. Drop it into a new section of a grid and update text and images. If I enter the same info into the CMS it will do it automatically, but I still need to enter all of that data.