CMS multi-reference filter + finsweet

Hi all,

I’m currently in the process of re-designing our company’s website - I’ve imported the CMS collections from our old/current website and they are set up as follows:

Projects Collection - this contains all of the projects, their names, the description, the images etc.

Sectors Collection - this contains just the sectors that each project is in (for example Landscaping, or Interior Design, etc). This is used as a multi-reference field in the Projects Collection.

I want to set up a page that displays our projects, but with a filter that uses the multi-reference field to allow people to filter by sector.

I’ve tried doing this a few times with finsweet cms filter, but I have never managed to get it to work. I assume that it isn’t working because the sectors are a nested CMS list - but I don’t know how to go about fixing it?

Can anyone help explain how to go about doing this?

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Hi Chris, there’s no problem there.

The one limitation is that in Webflow a nested collection list can only show 5 items, so in a native setup, you’d only be able to have and filter on 5 sectors max per project.

Use the FS filter page and look at the examples so you can setup either a radio button or checkbox-based filter for your sectors. The filtering works on an exact text match, so whatever your label text is in your radiobutton/checkbox, it needs to match the text in your nested sector list that you have the attribute on.

Is there any way to do this by referencing the collection instead of nesting it? (I need to reserve the nested collection for another part of this).

Finsweet CMS filter needs the filter data to exist within the elements you’re filtering, so in Chris’s situation, simply using nesting is the cleanest approach, as long as the 5-item-limit doesn’t break the filtering.

However any way you can get the filtering data and element attributes there will solve the issue.

The typical way to do this would be to use custom code to modify your page content before FS filter does its work, but there are complexities to this regarding the sequence of events. For example if you are using Finsweet CMS load, then your content modification must happen as the data is being loaded into the filtering system ( rather than just the on-page content ) or FS Filter doesn’t know about it.