Filter a CMS collection swiper differently within CMS project pages

Hello there—I’m attempting to dynamically filter an image/text swiper that uses CMS within a CMS page.

This is the swiper:

I’ve got it cloned and functioning within the CMS page, but I only can find options to apply one filter on the template page—which would make each project have the same filter/swiper entries.

Is there a way to select a CMS (Swiper) filter from a dropdown while creating a new CMS (Project) page?

Intended functionality:
The Design Pillars all exist under one (or multiple if needed) CMS collection and are filtered by the brand they’re associated with. Each brand/project page would have 3-5 design pillars and should only show those.

I’d appreciate any help!

Here is my project page link:

Here is my read-only shared link:

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Yes but that filter can be based on data from the current item.

For example, two collections- Countries and Cities. Cities has a ref to Countries.
On a County collection page, you can have a collection list showing Cities where the city’s country is the current Country.

This is the same setup you’d use to prepare FS CMS Slider.

This gives me hope that I can figure this out without too much trouble and I’ll give it a go later today. Thank you!

Never mind—I tried it once assuming it wouldn’t be quick to finish and it worked. All I had to do was set “Design Pillars” to reference projects, select the project for each pillar, then an option to filter by current project appeared in the collection.

Thanks Michael! (memetican)