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CMS/ Product Uploads via CSV with Images from Google Drive

I’m experiencing some difficulties in uploading csv templates for CMS / Products where the image URL is not accepting Google Drive links. The sharing settings are open and editable but the error message is that the link is broken.

On Shopify Google Drive photo’s would not take so I would use a platform similar to IMGUR but it required a lot of organization and double / triple the work.

Any help or guidance would be appreciated on how to upload images via google drive link through a CSV file.

Google Drive doesn’t allow direct image linking, so you’ll need to use something else for the bulk upload portion.

If you’ve got less than 2GB of files (or you want to run them in batches of 2GB) then you can use Dropbox—they allow for direct image linking.

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Hi Mikeyevin, I tried to create the links in Dropbox but still experiencing the same error message when trying to upload. I’ve set the sharing settings to open but still no prevail. Could I be missing something?

Can you link one of your images so I can take a peek?

Here is a couple of them

Product Image Links

I’m not too sure, but does it seem to work with the “dl=0” removed from the URL? It may need the URL to end in a valid filetype to successfully upload.

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