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Importing Google Drive Image links via Google sheets is giving me a link to image is broken and will not be imported error message

I’m trying to import images into a CMS collection from a google sheets file. It’s giving me a “link to image is broken and will not be imported” error message. I’ve read some of the other forum posts related to this, but this one seems a little different. There are no spaces or weird characters in the image links, they’re working fine, and the spreadsheet is sharable, but for some reason it just won’t work. Can y’all help me out?

Your image URLs need to point to the actual image. As a rule of thumb, it should end with an image extension, e.g. .jpg, .png, etc.

Your Google Drive links are pointing to a Google Drive page (HTML) that is displaying the image. That won’t work.

The best solution is to put your images in an Amazon S3 bucket. Then you’ll have easy public URLs for each image that you can put in your Sheets.

Or, you can use Airtable instead of Google Sheets. Airtable is also free and has a native image field that you can upload images to. Then you can use a tool like PowerImporter to easily sync the images to Webflow.

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