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Word spaces disappear when pasting content into webflow

Hi Webflow people,

I’ve created a blog in which the writers send me post content via Word doc for me to paste in Webflow. When copying over text from Word, several spaces between words magically disappear so I’ve had to meticulously scan each line and insert them back in. After going through several drafts of the same content, this gets VERY TIRESOME. Something that should take a minute to do ends of taking 10+ minutes each time. Does anyone else have this problem? Any work arounds known? Any fixes on the horizon? See attached image of how text appears when pasted in webflow.

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Hey there, @phristopher!

Check out this topic for a partial workaround (paste as plain text.)

You can also vote to improve the Rich Text Editor here.

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Thanks for your quick reply. I just tried “paste as plain text” or as Google Chrome calls it, “Paste and Match Style (shift+command+v),” and it works. Spaces are all there. This works fine in the meantime, but I will vote for an updated text editor!


Hi, I’m on a mac and copy pasted from Word into a rich text document in TextEdit and then into webflow. This retained the styling – and spaces! Just thought I’d share.


This totally worked, thank you so very much!!