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Copy & Past Bug in Blog Posts

When copy and pasting text from word docs into the Blog Post into the Blog Post section of the CMS the text gets “funky”.

  • Chucks of content is getting separated
  • Spaces between words get deleted causing words to connect “likethis”
  • Hyperlinks get deleted (not sure if that was ever a function)

I’m using the lates MS words on a Mac.

Hope its a user error, but I cleared my browser cache multiple times and everything is up to date.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Eddywi ,

Thank you so much for your patience, and getting in touch about copying and pasting. I’m happy to help!

It looks like there are some issues when pasting from Word. This is something our team is working to resolve, but we don’t have a clear timeframe for when a solution will be available.

Our system does its best to strip the various formatting that can come from Word (as an example), but it is possible for other invisible formatting to get introduced. For this reason we recommend to use the Copy and the Paste and Match Style option, or for other clipboard programs it is known as pasting Plain Text without formatting.

There are still more updates coming to the Rich Text Editor to make it easier to work with text formats coming from external programs pasted into Webflow.

Alternatively, you can also try using Google Docs instead of MS Word, since Google uses html as default. This is helpful because the text copied from Google Docs is fully intact and you won’t see any erroneous formatting when pasting into the Editor — this is the workflow we use internally as well.

If after trying to use Google Docs you’re still experiencing any trouble, please send me the site Read-Only links - I’m happy to take a look on my end and help further!

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Hi @mistercreate,

Thank you for the quick help. Using Google Docs is a great alternative, something I will just start using.

Again, thank you for your help on this!



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