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CMS pages not in 'Link Settings' for static links

I must link to a CMS Collection Page without creating a new ‘CMS Collect List Wrapper’.

Webflow link settings does not display CMS Collection Page under link settings > Page.

How to reproduce error.

  1. Open Project that contains 'Privacy Policy and/or Terms and Conditions in footer
  2. Create new CMS Collection called ‘Terms’ containing only Title and Rich Text Block
  3. Create Title pages in CMS ‘Terms and Conditions’ and ‘Privacy Policy’
  4. Style ‘Terms’ CMS page
  5. Go to Footer and edit link to Terms and Conditions and try to link to the CMS Terms page.

Current Workaround

  1. Manually Link it with a hard URL (not ideal)
  2. Create New CMS Collection Block for links (not ideal)

Issues, linking span within Text Block or Paragraph, you must hard link it. (not ideal)

No collection pages are in standard link blocks. :frowning:

Hi @miekwave

This is not a bug, but expected behavior. You’ll need to have the link nested inside a collection list if you want to link to a specific collection item.

It would be cool to have dynamic links available in static link settings though — feel free to post about this on the Webflow Wishlist.

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