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Unable to Change Link Color in CMS

Span Link in Text or Paragraph blocks are not allowing me to change link span text color to cms color.

I must change link colors based on CMS Collection Content Container.

How to reproduce

  1. Open CMS project containing ‘Color’ CMS atribute on 1 or more list items.
  2. On a scratch page, make a Collection List Wrapper.
  3. Paste link text block. Can change font color of link text.
  4. Paste Paragraph or link block containing a link from a static page.
  5. CMS Inline Block does not pull up.

Hi @miekwave,

Thank you so much for getting in touch about setting the color to elements within a paragraph.

After speaking with our engineers, I was able to note that what you are experiencing is expected behavior as micro nodes (spans, strong’s, em’s, etc…) are set to not be bindable.

You are not alone in thinking this would be an awesome feature to have in Webflow. It is definitely something you can vote for on our Webflow Wishlist

That is disappointing. I must define Link Color in CMS. How can I accomplish this?

Yes, I completely understand how disappointing/frustrating that may be, and it is something I personally look forward to having for my projects.

Currently, there is not an available workaround, though you are able to add color to an entire paragraph element as you will note in the following project:

This feature is definitely something you can vote for on our Webflow Wishlist


My current work around is to make ‘default’ links an underline dark blue variation.

Other single color elements are still working as intended.

I hope that webflow can make link cms colors in default link color.

Not sure if this is same issue, but is there a solution to have a CMS color for the current state of the menu nav-link?

Thank you.

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@miekwave - Workaround - use jQuery to add a class to the element that defines the you want the link to be, or use the .css() function to add the style.

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Has this been solved yet? This is very frustrating and it’s been an issue for a long time if not…


What is the custom ‘<‘style’>’ or other code to modify only Default Link color on all CMS pages?

a {
  color: #fca200;

reference for visitors:

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