CMS - Not enough "Add Fields" for Page

Hi, I just activated CMS hosting, created a collection, added a new CMS page, then linked a lot of CMS items to the static elements on the page.

After adding a few fields in the collection, the “+ Add Field” icon disappears and I can now not add enough fields to cover all elements on the CMS page I am building. In other words, the “+ Add Fields” icon has disappeared, even though I need to add more fields to that page.

This is the layout of the page I am trying to make into a new CMS page (ignore that this example is static) The CMS fields are only enough to cover the top section and intro section. But when I reach the review overview table section, I am out of CMS collection fields to add more dynamic fields.

→ Nelson from Webflow mentioned that I should use several collections and then combine them on one page. The problem is: Each collection creates a SEPARATE CMS folder and page. How would I be able to add all the collection field connections to ONE page?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Paging @PixelGeek

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This is what the “reference” field is for CMS Collections | Webflow University

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@samliew First off all, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

So on the new page, how do I pull in data from another collection into an element (say a text field, an H1, or an image)?
Please see the big overview table here Unique Geek & Science Gifts - Cool Stuff to Buy 🎁 How do I use a reference field to pull in those headline, images, and text?

Thank you!

You should have these collections: “Product” and “Product Meta” for example.

For each Product item you create, you also add a corresponding ProductMeta item.

Then, Product collection settings, add a ProductMeta reference field. This will allow you to select in each Product item to link to the corresponding ProductMeta item.

In the Product collection template page, you should now be able to select ProductMeta fields.

You do not need to use the ProductMeta collection template page.

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Ok, I think I understand what you mean @samliew. Thank you.

The final step is: How do I tell the Webflow CMS to pull the respective CMS data into the respective dynamic page.
Example: Let’s say there are two review pages 1) Review of 10 Cameras 2) Review of 10 TVs
Each respective 10 product information have been added to collections (e.g. Collection “Product specs” and collection “Prices”)

How do I tell Webflow to pull only the camera specs and prices to the Camera page, and only the TV specs and prices to the Camera page?

Hi @webdes, create multiple dynamic lists on the page, with each dynamic list having a filter that only shows products from each category reference.

When the user clicks on a link in the dynamic list, the appropriate article will be loaded in the template for the products collection.

For example, see this very simple example:

To learn more about using filters and conditional visibility, which is very powerful and probably will help with this site, see here: CMS & dynamic content | Webflow University

I hope this helps!

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Thanks. I am not trying to load articles though through a dynamic list with filtering.

I am trying to link the big overview table and the 10 product reviews on this page Unique Geek & Science Gifts - Cool Stuff to Buy 🎁 to the CMS. So data should be “pulled in” but not a new page loaded. It’s not a blog structure with links and filtering and it should be on one page without loading.

Please take a quick look at the link (scroll down to the big table and the 10 reviews) - this is where I am trying to pull in CMS data (each headline, each text item, each image).

Hi @webdes, thanks, I updated my example, it is possible to show all data from the collection field in the dynamic list item on a STATIC page as shown in my example (I have updated the page I made linked above)

Is this what you are trying to do? In the screenshot above, the first five products are of one particular category and the last five are using a different category, filtered on the category reference. The filter is applied in the Dynamic list settings.

If I am way off, and you are trying to do something else, could you help to clarify that for me? One note, at the moment, a single dynamic list can display 100 collection items (each product review) at a time. Up to 20 dynamic lists per page can be added.

At the moment, the maximum number of fields per collection item is 30 fields of info.

Let me know if this helps!

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@cyberdave really appreciate your help but I think we are talking about different things. Let me explain better (thank you for your patience):

I have created a dynamic CMS page, see here (placeholder content): Unique Geek & Science Gifts - Cool Stuff to Buy 🎁

Now, the entire first section is already linked to the CMS. For example:

So far so good.

But starting at the “The 10 Best Products - Overview” section I don’t have enough CMS collection fields to link more dynamic content (given the 30 field restriction per collection). To circumvent this I would like to link all the following (headlines, text, images) to a SECOND collection with new fields:

And then link all the following content to a THIRD collection with yet again new fields:

Why three collections? So that I can overcome the 30 fields restriction per collection. The CMS page Unique Geek & Science Gifts - Cool Stuff to Buy 🎁 needs way more than 30 fields, given the many elements.

Does that make sense? I hope there is a way to fix this so that I can stay with Webflow.
Thank you VERY MUCH! :slight_smile:

@samliew any creative ideas on how to solve this?
@PixelGeek please take a look, too. Your help is needed.

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Here in (almost) 2023, we’re also finding that 30 fields isn’t quite enough. Especially when you have to use field hacks to do certain things - like dynamic H1 and H2 titles.

For example, if my Collection item’s name (e.g. a product) is “Candy Cane”, I may want an H1 like:

“Buy the best candy cane right here!”

With an H2:

“We’ve been selling the most popular candy cane for the last twenty years.”

To do this, I have to create two more un-DRY fields in addition to the name field because I can’t dynamically insert the name into the H1 or H2 without some hacky code, which questionably affects SEO.

EDIT: It’s possible to do this this with the Embed Code widget… Mix various CMS data inside of an inline text block