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Mix various CMS data inside of an inline text block

I’m trying to recreate the format seen in my client’s brochure, but have run into a problem.

I need to replace the highlighted purple text with info from the CMS, but as far as I can tell, CMS data can only be written to dedicated text objects or div blocks. Columns are too unwieldy for text of varying length like this, so I’m pretty lost as to what I can try next. Is it possible to put CMS data inside another paragraph object? Thanks for your help!

Here’s my read-only link, with my attempt on the “experimentation” page:

Use a text element and the right properties for display and you can pile up bits of dynamic text that look like a paragraph.

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That’s perfect! Thank you so much!

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Cool :slight_smile: happy it helped. This is an area where Webflow shines. The UI makes it particularly easy to style and fine tune such mixed data elements. It’s also one of my favorite things to do with CMS, your example is perfect. In the end, you’ll have something well integrated, that looks like the real life thing, but that’s way more complicated than it looks. A bit of magic.

Hi @vincent. I’m having a similar issue to OP, and was excited to see your solution, only that the link is returning a 404. Would you be able to reupload it by any chance? Thanks.

I don’t know where that video is but let me try to recreate one… 1mn

Tell me if this covers your needs:

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Thanks so much @vincent or such a quick response. This is great, and really helpful.

I now need to find a way to include tooltips within the CMS as well…which I appreciate is different to the problem you’re solving here, but is my next challenge.

How should the tooltips behave?

For MVP this may have to change, but the user should be able to tap on a tooltip to reveal additional text, all within the same webpage.

The use case for this is that there will be text in the CMS that should function as tooltips, allowing a user to tap on them and get a definition of the word.

I understand that this can be achieved through creating CMS attributes of (for example) cms-tooltip1, cms-tooltip2 etc, and then having cms-body-text1, cms-body-text2, but I am wondering if I can figure out a less manual way of doing this.

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I’m not sure I completely understand. A tooltip is usually a non clickable text item that appears only when an element is hovered. e.g. image tooltip.


In any way, having CMS hidden text attached to CMS something, that will reveal on click on something, is totally doable. I can provide an example but I’d need to understand what you want visually. Any design to share?

Hi Vincent - got it, understood. Let me get back to you shortly with a more concrete explanation of what I am trying to achieve, complete with some designs or wireframes. Thanks.

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Hi Vincent, would you please upload the video again? seems I could not watch it anymore. Thanks.

@JWdesign - this forum is sometimes buggy with loading embedded videos. The video still works if you go to this url:

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@vincent hope you are well :slight_smile:

To give some more context to what I’m trying to achieve, see this page:

Within the Webflow CMS, I am looking for a solution to allowing a user to more quickly see the meaning of a word in the transcript.

As you can see, at the moment a user is shown when a word exists in the key vocabulary, but they have to scroll up to find it.

My 2 preferable options for improving this would be:

a) Give the user the option to click/tap on the piece of vocabulary and in-line (or as a modal) the definition is provided.

b) Give the user the option to click/tap on the piece of vocabulary and the viewport is them moved to the location of the word in the ‘key vocabulary’ section.

Does this help provide context?

There will be 20-40 unique words per CMS item, and so I think that creating unique CMS items for each one would be an overly laborious process.

Any clever suggestions you have on how to solve this would be very gratefully received :pray:

The link seems to no longer be working. Any other resource?

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This seems to no longer want to load. any other resource?

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Hey Vincent, I don’t see any of your examples here anymore, but I’m trying to do the same thing. Is this still supported? Thanks!

I’m banging my head against a brick wall trying to do this too, and it looks like Vincent’s videos are no longer available.

This can’t be as unavailable as all my googling suggests … can it? Dynamic in-line text from CMS, come on.

You can do Embed then put your text/paragraph and insert your CMS data. Here is the short video. Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software