CMS field issue - Need more that 30 fields

Hi, guys! Sorry for my english, i’m not native speaker))) But i need help with one thing

I use cms to create page templates for my online courses. Everything is fine… BUT!
I have block with course program that looks like this, chapters and a lot of items/lessons:

Of course, i can’t fit in 30 field limit, so i need work around this!

How to manage this problem, is there any solution?

I thought about finsweet rich text attributes, to insert html block, But I’m not sure that’s a good option…

Hi can you please share your read-only link?

Thanx for reply! Of course:

I have a course page (look only on desktop, it’s not ready yet)):

And i have many courses. I wan’t create cms collection, where i could just create new item, and new course page like this will apear. If you scroll down, you can see what i show on screenshot, course program that have chapters and lessons. And there could be more then 50-80-100 lessons (just ordered list of lessons names, nothing much), so i don’t what to create 80-100 cms items containing just lesson name) But I don’t know what field to use or what work around to put this chapters and lessons list inside my “course” cms item.

Hi Goleksei, what you can do is you can make a collection named (Individual lesson) and add names and details of the lesson individually as per CMS element, then create another CMS collection named (Courses)

Then attach each lesson to each reference courses, and use webflow conditional visibility and filter to filter those listings.

Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 2.33.18 AM

if you have any doubt reply to this thread

How do you want to organize your content?
Think about what you want your customer to see while they are working on a lesson.

For example, you might want three levels-

  1. Courses
  2. Chapters
  3. Lessons

In this approach, most of your content is shared through the Lessons pages, where you have text, images, and videos. Courses and Chapters would mostly be organization for those lessons.

You can connect these together in two ways, which both have advantages and disadvantages.

Consider the relationship between Courses and Chapters, for example.

Down-referencing. Courses can have a multi-reference field to Chapters, which allows you to define the list of chapters in each course. The advantage is you control the ordering and can share chapters between courses if you want. Disadvantage… you may find limitations in nested collection lists on how many Chapters you can display in each Course. Also, you cannot reorder Chapters in the multi-reference field, you have to delete them, and re-add them to the multi-reference.

Up-referencing. Alternatively, your Chapters could have a single-reference field that identifies the owning Course. Advantage, a Chapter only belongs to one Course- which is usually the desired scenario. Disadvantages- you may need a separate field for ordering the Chapters the way you want. You may not be able to do nested Collection Lists without special scripts ( e.g. Finsweet or Sygnal Webflow Utils )

The main thing in designing your CMS is that you want to be clear on your final objective, and work backwards to choose your CMS design approach.