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CMS Multiple Collection Display Question

Hi WFers.

I have a CMS question regarding having mulitple collections.

If the home page is used to display a mixture of collections, is it possible to have a section that is LATEST POSTS which is the latest posts regardless of which collection its in.

Then further down the page, can I have COLLECTION SECTIONS that display the lastest posts in that particular category BUT not any of the posts if they are displayed in the LASTEST section.

I’ve mocked up a wireframe to help describe what I’m after. In this case I have the LATEST SECTION at the top which is made up of the 4 most latest articles (which are all from different collections News, Blog, Trending, 2020 Category). Then these categories have their latest articles sections down the page.

But I don’t want articles from the LATEST SECTION repeated.

All I need to know if this is possible and how?

Hope that makes sense and many thanks in advance,


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I’m no expert, but I will say that what you want to do is possible. Your going to use filtering for each collection section. One Div collection with filtering set to Latest, one Div collection with filtering set to Not current, and so on. The base for all this will be within your cms so make sure you have that setup correctly. Don’t forget your switches too.