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Multiple CMS Collections for one Blog Post


Not quite sure how to go about this design in CMS…

I’m creating a blog site in which I am creating separate pages for each catagory. For example if my site was about bikes, a separate page would be available to show blogs about mountain bikes and a separate page to show blogs about road bikes.

The problem is I want to have a collection list that shows all recent posts that does not link to a category. Or in theory one blog post linked to two collections ‘recent posts’ and ‘bike category’.

the only way I can seem to do this is to have two posts of the same post one in each collection? ‘Recent posts’ & ‘Bike catagory’.

Webflow seems to let me duplicate posts but not into another collection.

or when I try to create a reference as a catagory it only seems to let me connect a blog post to another blog post and not a collection

What is the best way I can do this?


Hi Ryan,

I may be wrong, but would it help to create a CMS for each category?

Therefore you can pull/reference the category and select which of those posts to use.

Again, I may have misunderstood you here. A simple disgram/wireframe may help to clarify the structure here.


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Actually yes this would probably work best then I could just use multiple collection lists to display the newest from each section

Niiice! Makes sense. I’m actually trying to figure out a similar complex CMS problem and found this YouTube video helpful:

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