Multiple CMS collections in one CMS template


I’m a bit confused with the CMS structure of my website at the moment. I have a home page with different questions (say, Question 1, Question 2, Question 3…). Every question links to a CMS collection page where the goal is to see different answers by multiple designers to that particular question. On the CMS collection page there is also a link to “next question” or to “explore all the questions”. I have made two different CMS collections: one for questions and one for answers (including name, photo and contact details of the designer and of course the answer). Now I’m confused – how can I have every question link to a different page, where I only see the answers by designers related to that particular question. Now on the answer page I have made the collection list source “the answers CMS collection”, but it shows the same answers from the same collection on every page, regardless of the question. Should I create a different CMS collection for all the answers related to one question (e.g. answers to question 1)? Can I use one template then but link different pages of that template to different collections (answers to question 1, answers to question 2…)? Would really appreciate your help on this! And please let me know if I can explain this somehow more clearly :smile:

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Your read-only link doesn’t work for me so I can only guess.

You can add a reference field to your Answers collection and link it with the right question this way.