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CMS Multi-Image Slider

Does anyone know if this custom code by @jasondark ( will show multi-image slides from multiple collection items on a single page? Right now I have projects in one collection list that I would like to display on my homepage.

Please help!


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@crustmag the issue here is that, even with this custom code, you can only display a multi-image field on a CMS page…

Thanks for your response @sarahfrison. What would be the work around to show a slider for collection items on a page?

You could use a collection list but that still wouldn’t work with the multi-image field. As far as I’m aware, there’s no work-around available at the moment.

@sarahfrison I think there might be a way with custom code…right now i have custom code that appplies a w-dyn-item class to a collection item…couldn’t i like the slider within that item to the cms item id?

@crustmag feel free to try and report back :slight_smile: . i’m sure others would love to hear if you can make that work!

Anyone willing to help with the custom code? :smiley: