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Clarity on Business plan vs Ecommerce plan

Hi there,

I’m trying to choose the best site package for a potential client, between a Business site plan or an E-commerce plus plan.

The client is a museum. As you can imagine, a museum is a perfect fit for a CMS as museums contains lots of different artifacts, objects, collections that have been curated, all which have photos, and descriptions and various other fields. So the Business plan looks ideal with 10,000 CMS items. All good.


The client mentions they would like to sell some of their shop items online. Not a problem, I think to myself, Webflow has E-commerce, I’ll just upgraded E-commerce Plus plan and we will be good to go.

However, I’ve noticed in the small print that E-commerce Plus is limited to 3000 items! So when I take into account all the artifacts, plus shop items and their variants, plus a blog with different categories, I am actually getting close to this limit to the point where the site won’t be able to grow much and feels quite restrictive. Where did all my 10,000 items go and what’s the logic to this decision?

Perhaps I’m missing something but this doesn’t seem to make much sense. The only way I can see around this is to have a Business plan AND and E-commerce plus plan separately?

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@Alcon could you point me to the small print you found? I’m wondering if this is cms 10,000 + 3000 ecom products. I haven’t come across this issue before but I’ll take a look if you can clarify.

Thanks Sarah. Here is the small print on the E-commerce section of the pricing page.

@Alcon thanks for the screenshot! Yes, I clearly missed that part. How odd, that does seem quite limited! I’d contact support like it says and see what they can do.

Thanks Sarah. Reached out to support who confirmed that I would be limited to 1000 items in Ecommerce plus, so you do lose the 10,000 from the business plan.

For additional clarity they also stated:
To clarify further around items:

  • 1 Blog post = 1 CMS item that counts towards the overall site plan collection limit
  • 1 Ecommerce SKU/Product = 2 CMS items that count towards the overall site plan collection limit
  • 1 Blog post + 1 Ecommerce SKU/Product = 3 CMS items that counts towards the overall site plan collection limit

@Alcon ah, got it. That’s a shame! I guess the only option here would be to buy both plans and install one on a subdomain. IE or
Or use a different system (outside of webflow) for either the shop or the blog?

Yeah my head is in that potential space.

The problem if I split sites is there is no way as I understand it to easily share database objects across two sites.

Hi @Alcon.
Josh from Foxy here. With our seamless integration with Webflow’s CMS, you can get the best of both worlds: 10k CMS items + powerful ecommerce, possibly for around the same price as (or possibly a little less than) a Webflow Ecommerce plan.

More info about our Webflow integration can be found here: We offer an unlimited free trial, free one-on-one onboarding, and a 10% discount for non-profits. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll help you get started.


Josh, thanks. Ideally to start I’m looking for some guidance on how to go about setting up Webflow CMS with products for a shop? Appreciate that it will vary on specifics but is there any general info or best practice to follow when doing this?


Hi @Alcon.
We can definitely walk you through each step. Mind sending us a quick email with your Webflow Read-only Link:

Thanks so much!


Hi Josh,

I’m in the research/evalutation phase so don’t have a Webflow site yet.


Hi @Alcon.
No problem at all. Feel free to email us and we can setup a call to discuss your specific needs or continue the conversation via email.


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