CMS import - Link to image is broken and will not be imported


I have a similiar problem like this post: Unable to upload images to CMS collection

I understand that this was a bug in the past, but it seems to be solved based on the responses.

My problem is that when I try to import a CSV file to a CMS collection and map the column that contains the image links to its respective field the image shows up for a second than I get an error message saying: “Link to image is broken and will not be imported”.

The link of the image otherwise works perfectly:

Here is the read-only of my file: Webflow - LightMetrics Website

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I’m experiencing the same issue.

Same here again. Did you get it solved or did it just work at some point?

Same here, any updates on this?

any updates? I am also experiencing this issue. does anyone have any workarounds?