Image alt texts in rich text somehow buggy?

Hello friends, Webflow ninjas :slight_smile:

Is this a bug? Today I’ve seen this (instead of “use alt text from asset”) and definitely we didn’t type “__wf_reserved_inherit”

Normally when an image is uploaded in a rich text, it will show up in the assets. We enter an alt text and the image is set “use alt text from assets”. If we didn’t, audit panel would be red.

Today nothing is red :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I tested an image, although it has alt text, it is not shown in the Chrome inspect.

Some images do, some don’t, we do upload all images in the same format and add alt text in the asset panel, we dont know what to do now.

More information:

Although I set alt text of an RT image “use alt text from assets”, it just switches back to “decorative”.

Even we change it back and erase the alt text from asset panel, audit panel ignores it.

These are weird thing we discovered today, it was all fine just 2 days ago.

Anybody? Webflow? No reply on tickets, no reply on forum.

You guys talk all day about “alt text” and rich text mess up “alt text”

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Try changing the alt Text option from none:decorative to descriptive.

The alt text in rich-text elments are set on a image by image basis inside the editor.

Check out this guide: Rich text | Webflow University

Thank you Felix,

Actually to identify the problem, I already did that.

The problem we have is not there, a week ago. I use same method, but Rich Text is behaving buggy.

Thats why, even though I set is descriptive and type there or I do write alt text inside asset panel, it ignores it