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Missing Alt text for images in collections

Scanned the forums and found this closed out Alt text for dynamic images don't work; shows field "slug" instead

What happened the ability to have alt text box appear in the collections…For tons of images this does not make since to have to create a box/collection field for every “alt text” to correlate.

Please help!

You can set a plain text field to be an ALT text:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Yes I know that is an option, but the problem is that you have to create a field for every single corresponding image. This will increase the amount of fields within that one collection… Why were the default settings removed? Looks like on previous projects of mine that option is still there…

In addition to not being able to add alt text, alt text seems to have disappeared from my existing collections content.

Why did you take away the ability to set this directly with the image?

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Whats going on with this one Webflow? Any updates?

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