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Alt text for dynamic images don't work; shows field "slug" instead

For some reason the ALT tag does not work on dynamic images.

This really doesn’t help the SEO on the website I’m trying to use them on!!

Would very much appreciate an answer from someone at Webflow about this.



Hi Guy, the alt text should be available when using images in the collection, could you please help to share the read-only link to your site, and which page and collection having the images you are trying to set the alt tag for ?

Seems like a bug I used to be able to dynamicaly assign tags to dynamic images, however all of a sudden the module to do so in the settings tab just disappeared.

Hi @Anna_Kelian and @GuyMetcalfeHume, thanks, I am checking on this… an update will be provided asap.

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As I have been experimenting I have discovered a few things that are odd…

  1. Firstly, the alt tag on the collections panel doesn’t work at all. I mean, you can input what you think is alt text, but it doesn’t actually come out on the published website.

  1. When adding the alt tag in the designer it gives a global value to the image being referenced from the collection. So, in the example below, every ‘Gallery Image 1’ has the same alt tag?!?

  1. So then I thought I could add a field for alt tag text as there is a section on the designer that gives you the option to pull alt tag text from a field within a collection. See ‘image 1’ below. However, the alt text produced from this setting shows the field name instead of the actual content in the field. See ‘image 2’ below.

Image 1

Image 2

  1. As you can see on ‘image 2’ Webflow puts a whole bunch of rubbish in front of the image name, which isn’t great for SEO.

I would be very grateful if these issues were looked at soon.

Thank you


Hi @GuyMetcalfeHume, the issues are being looked at currently, and an update will be provided soon on this. Thanks for your patience!

Hi there

I have an issue with alt text for image in CMS:
I would like to use the text stored in a field such as name as Alt Text.
For this, I am using the function here below

But when looking at html generated or using softwares to analyze the page, i have “alt text = name” which is the name of the field, not the content.

Here the link where you can see the issue (picture on the left)

It is a bug or have I misunderstood the concept?

Thanks for your help


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