Use case for airtable integration

Hi guys, probably a super dumb question. I’m newish to webflow, have built a about 5 sites so far. My question is this. What is the use case for using airtable with Webflow? The CMS is a great option in webflow so why not just use that? Also the airtable data default look is ok, but to style it I’d need to zap it in to Webflow. Just trying to get my head around when using the two. Again, apologies if it’s a terrible question.

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Hey Pete, you can use Airtable to store long lists of items which may not be as important as the ones you would store in Webflow’s CMS. Recently, I used Airtable to store a long list of cities which is way over Webflow’s CMS limit.

Some might want to send their Lead form to Airtable and show it in a Sales Funnel/Kanban view. Airtable in itself has alot of features to help you see/process data better, so its a good option if you have a use for it.

Thanks Denny, I appreciate your insights! I’m diving in more to other no code platforms and seeing how I can pair them with Webflow.

Have fun! There are definitely a lot of apps out there that pairs well and makes Webflow sites more powerful.

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