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I would love to have the ability to export the web files along with the front-end CMS capabilities. Unfortunately, a lot of my websites are not hosted on Webflow, and I really like the new CMS. I would like the ability to have the export option so that my clients can go directly into the Front-End CMS and manage the content on their website.

Is this something that can be done?



I hear you. I have many clients that would not be interested in changing their hosting so I’m left with using a Concrete5, Wordpress, etc solution. It would be incredible to use Webflow as an alternative.

Have you used surreal cms? I have heard that is a great temporary solution until we get this capability on Webflow, but I haven’t dug too deep into it yet.

The new CMS is, unfortunately, completely redundant for me due to this very fact.

From a control point of view we use our own servers for hosting. I would not be able to sleep at night knowing that my client’s sites were held somewhere else, out of our direct control.

Shame, as the usability of it is fantastic and I was so looking forward to using the blogging functionality.


I have not, but again, this appears to be a hosted solution. I’d like the flexibility to move the cms when needed (or not, in the case of many clients).


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So for us to be able to use Webflow CMS we need to host the site via webflow? That’s crazy…

What disappoints me more, nothing about this was mentioned we didn’t get no information about the CMS for months. Yet we’re suppose to pay $20 a month to use it.

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16$ for Personal Plan + 20$ for 1 domain hosting sounds crazy

We are still able to export out the content created from the CMS capabilities right?

I don’t think it is possible to please everyone. I’m sure Webflow has a good idea of who their target market is. I’m also pretty sure it isn’t 100% of their current user base. That said it’s interesting to note that there are persons who want a self hosted CMS.

For me I’ll continue to use the Plone CMS with Webflow as I’m getting great results. Webflow for design and the power of a self hosted Plone CMS for deployment.

I wrote a bit about it here:

With all sites that has “” subdomain, CMS is free

I agree with you. I wrote about it as a reply here:

I just started to look at Plone after seeing your post the other day.

Curious as to what drove you to try it and what do you think it’s advantages are over say a Concrete5, Wordpress, Bolt or Craft.

Have you tried it yet? What other CMSes have you used? This helps to give me some context in answering.
But before I know the context, the reason for me boiled down to security and flexibility. More recently the theming system, especially in Plone 5 is crazy simple, compared to a lot of the other stuff I’ve seen out there.

You might be interested in this:

I’ve really only built full sites in Concrete5, Wordpress and CouchCMS. Only some tinkering with Bolt and Craft (but they look very capable). I’m also interested in OctoberCMS as it (like Craft) uses Twig for templating which seems to impress a lot of people. As you can tell, I’m still in limbo about where to go with some upcoming work. I’m not that impressed with any of them in terms of “easy to get started”.

I suppose Wordpress is probably the easiest in theming with all the new tools such as Pinegrow, but the whole Wordpress thing seems so clunky and outdated.

Anyone out there with other thoughts on this?

I think that here we are on a fresh start. Everyone works with wordpress, and we know that, after one year, the site starts to go slowly due to some plugin update or some “bad things” done by the client.
With webflow we are going to a EASY CMS, with no plugins, no worries. And a CMS that a client could use for what he needs. Building contentent. I Hope that someday, we can export all the CMS capabilities along with the export code funcion (and i think that if webflow is going this way, the plans will be a little more expensive).
A good Option could be an annual pricing plan (or bi-annual, or tri-annual), so we could charge the cost of the CMS at the first step, and leave the client in peace. Webflow solved all the worryes of the code, with this move, could solve all the worries of dealing with clients! =)
Anyway huge thumbs up for Webflow!Keep on guys!