Yep. This is it. Webflow CMS changes everything. [Questions inside]

I’m only halfway through the videos, but I have to say that Webflow CMS is possibly the biggest thing to happen to web design and development in a decade. This will completely change the way we interact with clients. This instantly makes Webflow insanely valuable to clients, designers, developers–anyone who needs dynamic content. And of course the web needs dynamic content.

A few questions:

  1. How does the Basic Hosting plan compare to the current/old plan we’re on? I know it says Tier 1 CDN. Does it use Amazon’s CDN or another CDN? Same question for physical hosting–is this Amazon or elsewhere?

  2. Does the monthly bill for standard hosting immediately change to $10.00 from this point forward or do existing customers have a grace period?

  3. The CMS hosting for $20.00 seems fair, but there are tons of clients who want an annual bill rather than doing a purchase order for a monthly plan. For now, I’ve been acting as an intermediary, but it would be very helpful to pay in advance for a year to lock in the prices in case they change again. Is there any option like this available or in the works?

  4. Does the CMS Hosting package include standard hosting? I know this is a crazy question but it’s not entirely obvious on the page as to whether or not it also hosts the site as an all-in-one solution.

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  1. All customers who are paying 4,95 know will be still be on that plan
  2. $20.00 is for my clients to much for a CMS, i will use it only for some very few now
  3. Yes its including the standaardhosting

My question: if i forward and extra domain? i have to pay 10,-…
will that mean the 4,95 is over?

I am the only one who’s thinking that the$ 20,- is to much?

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Is webflow CMS hosting free if we use the domain?

that is correct :smile:

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Thanks for the prompt response, are there any plans for exporting CMS code and hosting it on our own servers, if so is there an ETA?

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not at this time and no ETA on exporting the CMS.

On one hand, I’m really stoked about the CMS and on the other, I’m worried I will never be able to use it… except for small projects where self-hosting is not an issue.

I don’t imagine I’m alone in observing that a big contributor to Webflow’s early success was the ability to export code-ready designs. Along with the excellent UI, that continues to be a major competitive advantage to all of the other platforms.

I really hope exporting dynamic content will be a feature in the future. To be fully useful, it’s really a dealbreaker just as it was/continues to be for static HTML.

In principle, there’s a strong analogy of vs. in the way people use it, adoption rates, etc. And there will always be the need for the Webflow UI to design, so there’s no danger of cannibalizing by facilitating exports of the CMS build.

Keep up the great work, guys. The redesign looks awesome, too! :smiley:

Somehow I missed that the CMS will be hosting linked. This is a major deal breaker for both me and my clients because we are already paying for shared hosting that comes with email. You guys aren’t offering email for the hosting. It’s also apparently double the price of hosting elsewhere. I wouldn’t have minded much if the price stayed the same at 5 bucks a month and included emails. This is just a bummer. I hope you guys can add email to at least add a bit more value and an all in one solution.

EDIT: Wait CMS hosting is $20 a month! Ugh

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Set up a new site, with a default domain, to play around with the new CMS, but it is telling me that I need to upgrade to the $20 per month hosting in order to add a content editor and use it. Looks like it could be good though.

You can play around with the CMS for free as long as you want. :smiley:

Once you’re ready to connect that CMS enabled site to a custom domain name, that is when you’ll need to upgrade to the CMS hosting subscription.

Hope this clears up any confusions :smiley:

But I have to upgrade to add a content editor? Even on a domain?

We’ve just added some updated information about hosting prices here:

Closing this topic for now so we can focus the conversation on the other thread - thanks everyone!

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