CMS Filtering, quick question!


Does Webflow have plans to implement dynamic values to CMS filtering? Just like dynamic values in attributes they just added recently…

CMS filter

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In most designer changes, the community is the last to know what Webflow has plans for :laughing:

But in your example here I’m trying to think of a scenario where I would use this. Do you have one you can describe?

In most cases, I would simply place my collection list inside of another collection list context and filter to that current context item.

Let me give you an example. Imagine we have a collection of mobile plan contracts. On one of the collection pages, we found a plan called “Webflow 1 GB Free Roaming.” Now, we want to add another collection to the same page, showing “The Cheapest 1 GB plan this month.” However, currently, we have to manually enter “1 GB” for each plan we add. So, if we later add a mobile plan with 10 GB, it would still display as 1 GB.

To solve this, we can use dynamic values in the CMS filter. This way, each CMS collection page can be more customized and automatically display the correct plan details.

Now, let’s take another example that we actually need. Here’s a summary:

  1. We allow users to write reviews on CMS pages using for automation or Logic.
  2. The Review CMS Collection includes a reference field for the reviewed company.
  3. If we check out the “Vodafone 5 GB” plan, we can add a CMS list that only displays reviews from Vodafone (using the filter: Operator < Contains < Current name).

Please inform the team about this. It’s important for Webflow to maintain its reputation as a world-class platform and not fall behind.

:laughing: This is the community forum, so you’d have to contact Webflow directly.
They have a mechanism for that called the Webflow Wishlist. Search it first to see if you can find existing items to upvote that match your feature.

Generally, I’m able to solve every use case I’ve needed by organizing my CMS and site structure to match my delivery goals. In rare cases, this only gets me 90% of the way and I need to close the last 10% with scripts that fetch additional “hidden” data from other CMS collection pages.

I’m still not clear on what specifically you’re trying to do here, because there are a few gaps in the picture you’re painting and I can’t see your CMS structure. If you have a readonly link and can explain what you’re trying to show where I may be able to give you some ideas on how to approach it.

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Do you mean to share your readonly link?
It would not make sense to setup a slack channel just for that purpose.

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I see what you’re trying to do. Typically, for performance reasons I’d avoid that, and instead I’d have a link “See all 15 GB plans” which goes to another collection page, showing only those plans.

Well-planned refs are ideal for this.

In your case, if you’re determined to puts this on the same page, you can either do custom code, or you can use Finsweet’s CMS nest.