Curious - Is there a way to create dynamic filter/sort off of a CMS Collection? Thanks!

Looking to see if there’s a way to have these Tables become a CMS Collection where I can have different pages show different filters/sorts.

Any help would be killer. Thanks!

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Hello ,

You need a little bit of custom code with this solution but usually finsweet solution are working really well :slight_smile:

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Pretty cool, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to set the filtering automatically from the page. i.e. what if you have are showing a CMS Collection item like “Psych 101”, which is in the “School of Psychology”, and you want to display a list of all of the other classes in the same school as the course you’re currently viewing?

Finsweet has a cool filter/sort control widget, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to just turn that off and auto-filter it to a specific value on that page.

Do you happen to know of a way?