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Dynamic CMS Search?

Hi Community,

Does anyone have some advice for how I can create a dynamic Webflow CMS Search like the image below?

Ultimatley, I would have a CMS collection

e.g - “Clinical Trials” and have some filters attached to each e.g “Male/Female” that can be filtered through. Ultimatley I know the challenge is as it’s hosted on webflow but Im curious to know if it’s possible.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Sorry to bother but are either of you able to shed any light on this? I’m hoping to use collections in a dynamic/static way to search the CMS?

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What you’re after is called faceted search

It’s not currently supported by Webflow. Maybe there are 3rd party solutions for that. CMS filters can be used, to an extent, to mimick this.

Also you can check the other topics about faceted search

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Hi, here is a similar implementation… It looks like the author of this post has gone on to create a multi-layer filter, but he doesn’t include documentation on that yet last I checked. However, maybe this will at least point you in the right direction. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Also found this in the comments, which IS “multi-dimensional”:

Hope that helps!