Can someone make a short clip to help me understand filtering?

I am trying to have two different categories displayed in my CMS collection list out of four categories total. A admin commented his soloution, but I can not make any sense of it. Can somone demonstrate what he did? It would be super helpful! thanks!

Webflow Team commented:

Yeah I’d love this. I have a collection of Help Articles and want to have a help article appear in two different categories. I created two different Reference fields Topic 1 and Topic 2 so I can choose these categories for an article. Right now I can only filter a dynamic list using the AND operator (both of the filters have to be true to show data). I wish I could just set OR (either have to be true).

Included screenshot with comment

I’d prefer not to put my site out just yet

What’s not possible is to use the multi-reference field and then filter on categories.

What’s possible is having 2 reference fields linked to the same category collection, and then:

  • you can filter on posts that have 2 categories defined by using the 2 filters you’re showing in your image (but it’s an “rule 1 AND ruel 2” must be true case, so it will only show posts that have the 2 defined catagories)
  • you CAN’T filter on posts having one or the other category

Basically, with Webflow, we currently have no option to build either a multi facet filter using “OR”, neither can we have a tag system where a CMS item can have multiple tags and lists can show posts with one or multiple tags.

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