CMS Editable Elements - Why can't they be un-editabe by default

Hey Webflow Community!

I have a client who, quite often, wants minor adjustments to very specific sections of their website ie the time of a class or the location of the next session. It doesn’t make sense for them to pay me to log in and make the changes myself so the Webflow CMS is perfect; I set them up as a user and say “Hey, go to that page and you can now make the changes yourself”.

My issue is this: I only want my client to be able to edit those few elemtns, meaning I have to manually go through every single element on the website and until it so that collaborators can’t edit them.

The solution: We need the option to have everything editable by default, or nothing editable by default. That way if my client wants to edit a few elements, I’ll have it set to not editable by default and just turn on the few that I need on. If I have a client that’s more involved in the site then I’ll probably have it as all editable by default, and turn off the more sensitive ones. ‘Ya get me?’ :sunglasses:

If this isn’t possible then maybe allow features within an element to not be editable if the element itself is not editable ie I have a container with loads of text boxes in. I don’t wan’t to have to go into each text box and untick, if I untick the container then nothing inside it should be editable.

I’m now half expecting somebody to come in here and say “This is already a thing… just click this button here…”. If you do thank you so much and apologies for my ignorance. I have looked everywhere including this forum and can’t find anything on it.

Another feature that the CMS is missing DEARLY is an undo button. When a collaborator makes an edit to an element in the CMS they don’t have the option to undo it. Collabs won’t have all the original assets so if they change an image by mistake, they don’t have an undo button, and they don’t have the original artwork to replace it.

Anyways, I hope these features soon become available. It’s save people like me days and days of unticking!

Thanks all!

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@cyberdave @thesergie do you guys have any insight on if this is in the road map?

Hey Dan thanks for the feedback! We were actually thinking the same thing, but limited it to a simple checkbox. We don’t have a set date when we’ll improve that feature but it’s something we’ve been thinking about.

As for undo/redo in the Editor, I’ve run into personally and I agree it feels restrictive. We’re working on the framework that would make this possible but I cant give an eta.


Thanks for the reply @thesergie , improvements to this feature would, for me, be the best next step! I’m constantly looking to build sites with a simple to use CMS for my clients and the Webflow CMS is perfect in that respect but it just gives them too much power by default :confounded:

If it’s a matter of each element having to have an associated checkbox, the NAVIGATOR tab would be a great place for these checkboxes. Right now, I’m expanding all elements on each page and switching back and forth between tabs to see if it has the collaborator box checked.