My Vision for the "Edit only" mode 🚀

Hey there :v:

I need your opinion on something…
I have a vision for the “Edit only” mode since quite a while and I want to know what you think about.

I want to have a Drag & Drop Website Builder inside the “Edit only” mode like Typo3, Drupal, etc.

This allows us to give our clients a user-account with the role “edit only” where they can freely build pages and add/remove/rearrange elements and edit content as they need.

To achieve this, we need 4 different features:

  • Make Components available in “Edit only” mode
  • Ability to add/remove pages in “Edit only” mode
  • New element “Dynamic Navigation”
    With this element you can create a navigation that automatically creates a new link in the navigation when you create a new page as an Editor
  • Expand the capabilities of Components
    • New property “Background Video”
    • New property “Lottie File”
    • New property “Color”
    • Compontent Slots (coming soon)

What do you think?
Any criticism or additions are welcome :blush::raised_hands:

PS: If you want to support my post on Wishlist… here you go: Drag & Drop Builder in “Edit only” mode | Webflow Wishlist

This is how it is done in the tools I use and my clients can easily construct pages from components that I have coded and retain structural control over. They get the freedom that they want and I keep the sites operating and rendering as they should. Makes it easy to implement changes and improvments. Great news is you can accomplish this off Webflow. Bad news is you can’t do it here at this time. Maybe someday Webflow will provide a roadmap can use to keep track of what they are planning. The wishlist is a dumpster fire.

Thanks for sharing.

Thats exactly how it should be and what I would love to see in Webflow! :partying_face:

It looks a bit like Webflow is slowly moving towards something like this.
The Slots-feature that they announced for the Components is a small step in the right direction.
But if they keep the pace that they have right now, it will be 2035 when we get there :smiley:

They teased something like this in this years Conf so hopefully we see some updates on this early next year. Thankfully it’s not something I find folks asking for that often (if it’s needed I suggest other platforms) but it’s definitely a feature I’d love to offer my clients.

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Yes we also dont have many clients who proactively ask for this. But when we get a project we mostly decide in-team if we want to use Webflow or something else. And everytime when the client needs to have some freedom to edit the website, Webflow is instantly out of the game.

This is definitely the right way to approach things. I wish Webflow worked for more use cases as it excels in a lot of areas over other options but ultimately it all comes down to what works best for my clients.

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