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No CMS = NO collaborations : this is kind of a bummer

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I don’t want or need CMS, but my client would like to simply edit the text.
Why can’t we do this?
Like… why can’t I have a single free collaborator (my client)


Because editing text on the site is a CMS feature. Before CMS came out, there is no such thing.

Somebody has to support the development of new features.

hmm… maybe I should re-ask the question.

why can’t i have a second login for a client?

  • I understand CMS is a ‘feature’… not all client’s need to be handheld and locked into text only editing.
    Some just want to have access so they can screw things up :slightly_smiling:

But seriously. It might be nice to have a second login… (is that something available in the pro features?)


But isn’t that backwards progression? If you give someone access to a tool they don’t completely understand, then wouldn’t that mean more work for you to fix things that your client may have broken?

If you want to give full access to your client, you can always transfer the site to their own Webflow account:


@klubjunk I would say this would be a great use case for some kind of login integration for the Webflow API when it’s launched.

when is that happening? (Webflow API)

+1 for letting clients edit texts and images without CMS Hosting!

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+1 for letting clients edit texts and images

It will be nice when the API is ready. Meanwhile, I have been using for CMS features. It does require some coding but Contentful offers multiple levels of content editing.

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Thanks! I just made the move from webflow cms to contentful yesterday after seeing your post.

So what you’re really saying is that you want CMS features for free. Cool.

Remember that a CMS = Content Management System.

Allowing a user to login and change content on their own (text, images, etc.) is just that.

It has nothing to do with the dynamic data, templates, lists, etc. Those are just icing on the cake.

Just to be clear, I don’t use Contentful because I want CMS features for free. I have multiple sites running on Contentful and pay more for the service monthly than I pay for Webflow. I use Contentful because, first of all, it’s good, fast, and reliable. Secondly, I need my CMS to have an API to integrate with my workflow. Once Webflow offers an API, I hope to be able to utilize it on as many of my projects as possible (which means paying for it). And lastly, I use Contentful because I need the CMS to power more than a single website. I can have multiple websites (including my hosted Webflow sites) and mobile apps use the same data coming from a single API. I hope Webflow will build this kind of flexibility into their API.

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Hey guys! We’re in the process of building out our API as we speak so you’d be able to do CRUD operations and integrate it with other services (through Zapier). You would be able to pull database info into mobile apps as well (development would be required on your end for this).

Our goal is to have a central and flexible API for each database. Being able to use one DB for two different Webflow sites won’t be supported initially but it’s something we plan to support later one.


read this and went…


I want my client to feel comfortable and be able to make small changes if they like.

I never give them a reason to. They always call me.
But Its still nice if they have their own login.

THAT is all i want.

That’s great news! Can’t wait to try it out.

Agreed, it was one of the things I considered before getting out my VISA. Other web creation programs do include that useful sales tool. It is also what I will be looking for when I shop for new alternatives… to stay competitive we designers always are looking for the best solutions. This is a flaw that I do not like about this program. Still right now, this is my best option. I hope it remains my best option… I hate changing things over.

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