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CMS + Ecomm + Code Help adding tags to blog and importing googlesheets


I have 3 things I want to help with. #1 and #2 are very important while #3 is not as important:

#1 - the dynamic info wanting to be called…will have a feature page where 25 items are selected and dynamic called. The dynamic component of those items: main point, subpoint just below, categories, (REFERENCE if there is one, if not, will display none) link or book name, article or blog title name, author. Will use Webflow’s api to call in data from google spreadsheets,

  1. Intro list page:
    Full list page:
    google spreadsheet:

  2. Intro list page:
    Full list page:
    google spreadsheet:

#2 - products in multiple categories E-commerce showcase examples? (FEATURED MERCH)

#3 - While using the CMS for multi-categories and tagging - I’ve seen several places where I’ve been told this is not currently possible and have been told as well…but maybe you know some workaround with some (FEATURED POSTS) (just below hero image)

I’ve done my best to mock up these pages in their static form, but please let me know if you need further detail and I’ll do my best to clarify.



1 - Why can’t these be entered directly in the Webflow CMS?

2 - What’s the issue you are facing with this?

3 - To make each tag have its own template page with listings, “tags” needs to be a collection, and not a simple dropdown list.

I appreciate the fast reply @samliew.

  1. That is a fair question. There’s no way to export data right now. That’s a lot of data to copy and paste. Plus, it’s just much easier to wield a spreadsheet…essentially, make life easy for myself relative to keeping up with it.

  2. I’m worried about multi-categories and displaying correctly and where it’s suppose to relative to webflow’s CMS. I got burned one good time going down a path that I was later told was impossible when it reality it should be.

  3. Each tag needs its own collection? I guess I need more elaboration on this one…my apologies.

Thank you @samliew


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