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Blog Category - dynamic list - pull from Category 1 AND Category 2


I created two separate categories so that I could reference color in for various elements in the thumb view…I was not able able to select colors from individual categories when I used multi-refence.

I am unable to call Category 1 and Category 2 into the dynamic list on the Category page so I either have to choose Category 1 or Category 2…not the best. I feel like at the moment I only have the choice to have great dynamic visual components or the ability to have a blog post show up in multiple categories. I don’t feel one should have to choose.

Or, is there something I’m missing, or would webflow have to do some development on their end so that one could pull Category 1 AND Category 2 into the dynamic blog category list?



Hi @nathanphilsteele, I am not sure totally understand what the objective is, but take a look at my attached video, where I use the category 1 color and category 2 color on two different elements in the same dynamic list.

If I did not understand the design issue correctly, please let me know.

I hope this helps!

Hi @cyberdave,

I really appreciate the video…though, I might not of explained my self the best.

Essentially, I have the blog assigned the categories MISC (Category 1) and DESIGN (Category 2), and would love for the blog thumb to show up in the Design Category as well.

The different colors I mentioned correlating to the different categories are the divs above and below the blog post thumb…dark blue = MISC and orange = DESIGN. I created the two separate category fields so I could pull in the separate category fields into the Blog thumb post.

I hope that helps clarify, but please feel free to let me know if it’s clear is mud :slight_smile:



Having a hard time removing Category and Category 2 fields @cyberdave