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Show multiple tags and categories for blog post thumb?


Is it possible to show multiple categories and tags on a blog post thumb yet?

That wasn’t a possibility 6 months ago…is that hopefully a possibility now?



Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @nathanphilsteele,

Your share link doesn’t work.
Anyway, Tags are not really possible on webflow yet but give me an explanation on what you are trying to achieve exactly here and we may find a solution.

Hi @zbrah,

Nothing much to see here at the moment, but I’ve attached some mockup screens to show what it is is I’m trying to achieve.

***webflow was not allowing to upload the files at the proper size, which is why I uploaded to my google drive to share.

Thank you @zbrah,


Btw, do you guys have a rough ETA on tags for blog posts?

  • also, can one show multiple categories?



Hi @zbrah

I’m excited to get started on this!

Is what I want achievable within webflow?



Hi @nathanphilsteele,

Sorry i’m back.

So, you can’t the this kind of things with webflow.
You would need nested lists which isn’t possible yet.

What you can do :

You can add like 3 single references connected to a collection called Tag for example.

It means you ll have to drag 3 dynamic list to connect the 3 different references.
Playing then with conditional visibilty and filters to achieve what you want.

Notice that you are limited to 5 references on dynamic pages.

I know it’s not the answer you expect. I’m also waiting for this feature :slight_smile:

Hi @zbrah,

Thank you for that info.

So what this means is that webflow doesn’t have a MVP (minimum viable product) when it comes to a legit CMS then and is still more for fancy brochure sites…can’t compete with wordpress at this moment, ultimately.

That said, if you were wanting to do the things that I’m wanting to do…what would you do? Skip webflow altogether? Are they coming out with these features very soon?

I don’t mean to be so tough on them, but it’s very frustrating.

Anyway, thoughts?



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Hey @nathanphilsteele,

As i’m not working for webflow i ll answer you from what i know/think.

I think you jump to conclusion. All my client agreed to switch to Webflow because the editor and the CMS in general is a big time saving for them.

Yes some features are missing on the Webflow CMS at the moment (not that much by the way but definitely tags) , but for me and my client Wordpress is not an option anymore.

I had the exact same issue for a website i’m working on.
I explained to my client tags wasn’t possible yet but ll be probably in the future and so added when it ll be.
Because my client understood i can quickly add pages, blocks, features because we are on Webflow it was easier for him to get through this.

Hey @zbrah,

I appreciate your feedback.

If these things change a month or two from now, then yes, maybe I have jumped the gun a little.

But if these updates are going to take a year or more, then probably not.

It’s not just the tags…it’s the limitation around multiple categories as well.

Also, no pagination…no search (3rd party that is mostly ok)… there’s still a lot left to be desired.

I think I would find more comfort if they said hey…we know theses things are very important to you and here are the timelines we have for these deliverables. Maybe it’s the closed doors and the not knowing that is very frustrating.

I also speak from having these same very frustrations with the CMS from 6 months ago when I attempted to make a blog for a different website…how long do we have to wait for them to flesh it out?(rhetorical question)

Don’t get me wrong…webflow is a very amazing product

Thank you again for your feedback and pardon my frustrations.



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I’m wondering if there are any updates on the ability to show multiple categories on blog posts, on either the blog posts thumbnail listings page or on individual blog posts? I for one will definitely want to include multiple categories for each post!

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Seems like no resolution here

We found no way to put several tags on one POST and display whatever category you filter.
Currently with categories it sort-of works, but if you put TAG-A into Category-1 and Category-2 for another post, it will not understand it and will show TAG-1 for Category-1