CMS Dynamic Content Page

Hello, guys,

I have a problem, I have a CMS with multiple fields, but when i try to get them dynamically, only a few of them appear.

This is The CMS:

And here I try to get the infos from the fields: (here I need the “subtitle” and the “description” but does not appear)

What i did wrong? Can someone help me?

Thank you for the answers!

Webflow strongly-types its data elements so that they can be appropriately connected.
In your CMS, you’ve created subtitle as a richtext field, which cannot be bound to a plain text element.

Text elements like headings and text block bind to text fields. Rich text elements bind to rich text fields. Video elements bind to video fields, and so on.


Thank you so much, man! I didn’t notice I put “rich text”. Now make sense.

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