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CMS - Problem multi-images

Good afternoon, I’m having trouble adding multiple images.
I’m following the link:

But it’s not working.

Am I doing something wrong?
I recorded a video:

Ty :slight_smile:

I for one find it much easier when you type out what your problem is and then add some visuals. Video is great for solutions but tough on forum users who are probably short on time or on mobile when you want help.

I gather that you are trying to use the contents of a multi-image field on a page different than the collection template page. If so, that is the issue. That field can only be displayed on a collection template page, as per the docs. See paragraph two below.

Sorry is my English is very bad, I chose to record the video, to make it easier to understand the problem.

But I took prints in sequence to try to show what happens. I don’t want to make a store, I want to make a website with dynamic content. In this example she uses an online store, should it work the same?

This is the layout, I need it to look like this.

Divs structures:

CMS structures:

When I select to be multiple images it does not appear the field as it is in the video.

Thanks, I hope someone can help me. I really don’t understand.