CMS: Discard Changes button (as an alternative to Publish button)

I think that as a content editor I’d just draft a little to see what works or not, but perhaps I don’t necessary want the changes to be published. Now, do I have to go back and change each and every change I’ve done back to what it was?

Could’ve been easily solved with a Discard All Changes button, or something similar.


The best way to do this is to simply Save As Snapshot: Shift +⌘+S (Mac) or Shift + ctrl +S (Windows) before you make any changes. Then you can roll back your whole site to that backup whenever. I do this all the time. You can also roll forward if you take another snapshot after your changes. Hope that helps.


Thanks for the tips! It’s a nice workaround – still, I’d rather not ask clients to remember saving snapshots before doing changes. Really hope for a Discard Changes button.

Does this only work in Designer view or should it also work in Editor view. I’m not getting it to work in editor mode. Thanks!