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How to revert to a snapshot?


I have used Ctrl-Shift-S to make snapshots - how do I revert to a previous version if I need to ?

You can do it in your site’s settings page, under the “Versions” tab.

Got it. Thanks brryant.

If the current published version of the site is not in the list of saved snapshots, is there any way to revert changes since the last time it was published?

Wow. What a great feature !

Snapshots !! Assume that is site wide and not on a per page basis.

I only mention it, because I’m sure like everything else, 20% of the pages will represent 80% of the snapshots.

… or less …

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Hey @kai !

If the state of your published site is the same as what you have in the designer, you can create a named snapshot by pressing Cmd+Shift+S. Then, you can enter an easy to remember name, like “Updated Header with Cats”.

Then, you can restore your site to an earlier version and publish it if you’d like.

Note: prior to restoring your site we also take a snapshot of your existing site in case you restored it by accident.

Hi thanks! The designer wasn’t in the same state as the published version – my goal was to get the designer into the same state as the published version. Is that possible?