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CMS Collections: Updating employee list and maintaining contributed content

Hi All,

I need to update our employee page to reflect our current roster. However, one of the former employees contributed blog content that I don’t want to delete. My understanding is if I delete his profile outright, the content he contributed will be deleted as well. If that is correct, what would be the best way to avoid that?

I had read that I could possibly add a collection field that toggles as “Current employee: Yes/No” but am thinking there’s more to it than just adding that field (i.e. how would I address it when it comes to updating the page)?

Here is my preview link:

The page in question is Resources --> Company.

Please let me know if you need additional information. Thank you!

Hi @nurdle The Blog Post will only be deleted if you delete the actual Blog Post from the Blog Posts collection. If you delete a Team Member, or a Blog Author, then it will delete that specific Member or Author from those collections.

I can see that on a blog post you’re simply referencing a Blog Author (not a Team Member). Therefore all you need to do is deselect the Blog Author which will disassociate any references to the Author, and the post will continue to display.

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Thanks for the thorough explanation, @Esteban! With this knowledge, I also went in and archived the former employee. I really appreciate you looking into my confusion and clarifying how collection lists work with other elements of the site. Cheers!

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