CMS Collection blog thumbnail to change category and author from another collections

Hi! I’m building a blog where thumbnails have to populate the info from a collection called Blog Post that has the post title, date, etc, in addition, the thumbnails has to have two interchangeble data coming from two different collections; Category and Author.

Why a collection for categories and not incluided in the Blog Post CMS?
Because I’m using it for filtering, basically, every category is a link to a page where posts thumbnails have an specific filter.

Why a collection for authors and not incluided in the Blog Post CMS?
Because I want to be able to select the author name with the assigned photo and linked it to a dedicated authors info page.

All this is possible with nested CMS Collections, after populate the thumbnail with all the information coming from the Blog Post collection, I nested the Category to populate the tags, but when I want to do the same with Author, appears a notification telling me that I can only have one nested collection for every page.

Is there a way to workaround this feature or do what I want otherwise?

Thanks in advance!

Hey Nestor, welcome to the forum.

The CMS is general-purpose and does not have a concept of a “blog post,” you are probably referring to the simple templates that it provides to help you build things quickly? Those are just a quick-start point. Create whatever collections you want, and link them together with refs to create the data you’re needing for your site.

Regarding your 2nd question, it’s not clear what you’re trying to build, or why you’re using nested collections. Typically a blog article would be in one collection, and have one author. You would use single-ref fields for that, each article referencing one collection, and one author. Then you don’t have any problems with nested collection list limits.

It’s important to to share your site published link, and your project read-only link if you want the community to understand what you’re trying to build and help point you in the right direction.