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CMS Collection to Dropdown Menu

Hi everyone, first post here and I jumped right in so I apologize for any newby-ness.

So from looking at the all of the previous posts I know I have to add a Dynamic List to the Dropdown to enable it to be able to connect to my CMS collection. But I can’t find that within elements anymore. Is it in another location?

Conversely where can I find the Products page under E-Commerce? When I went to create a “Products” page under CMS Collections, it says one already exists. But I do not see it anywhere. Same with Categories. Ideally the Dropdown menu would list the Categories.

Hi @Eva01 and welcome! :slight_smile:

Can you please share your read-only link?

Here’s a useful link for Collection page (the products and categories pages are both collection pages which are automatically created as soon as you turn on the ecommerce functionality)

Hi Donald, here is the share only link:

I am able to add products but I can’t find the products collection for the life of me to be able to link to it.

Hi @Eva01

The products and categories collection lists are situated in the ecommerce tab:


Is that what you are looking for?

Yes I know that section under Ecommerce. I added the sample products to that page. But then when I try to link to that section on the Home page, this is what I get …

That’s because in the right panel you checked limit items to start at 8 and you only have 4 products. Just set 1 instead and it’ll work. :slight_smile:

For the dropdown menu that links to products, here’s how to insert a collection list inside of it:

Hope this helps!

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OMG yes thank you! Didn’t even see that before. :smile:

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Cool! Glad I could help :slight_smile: :webflow_heart:

These collection settings will be the death of me. Thank you for the help on the Dropdown menu. Got that fixed. Any idea though why my Tech Support page is empty even though I have the Collection Item added onto the Support page?

Thank you this was a very helpful video! : )

Is there anyway this is possible to do for multiple dropdowns that are created from CMS?