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Need help to create a drop down menu filtering collection list


I have a problem creating a drop down that filters the collection list. All of my blog posts are linked to the categories CMS. I want to create a drop down that filters the categories list (News, Events) and the default list should be All.

Currently, my collection list is linked to each page of the categories, but I want the results to be regenerated based on the filter, not go to a new page. Here is an example ( But I want a drop down, instead of buttons. Here is a video explaining the problem further:

Please let me know if you figure it out! Thank you!

Here is my read-only project link:

Here is my public share link: LINK

Use mixItUp (Or isotope) - (No “example” as-is for dropdowns but the idea is the same).

*You find more tutorials/examples about webflow & mixitup VS isotope

For now no use of “custom JS” (Your link is “regular” “current” link).



MixItUp Licenses:

I will look into it. Thank you!!

Learn mixItUp in general by youtube/google/codepens + Use Starter .
Not so hard to solve this by webflow.

Than add live-URL // Read-Only + Specific Q.

**copy-paste mixitup code (CSS/JS) only for the relevant pages (Not for the “entire site”).

This may help the community later:

Hi @Esther_Lin, were you ever able to find a good solution for this problem? I am looking to do the same