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Connecting CMS categories to a dropdown menu

Can I link a dropdown component to a collection template I created?
I have a list of categories that needs to go under a general link in the menu.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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You can put a dynamic list in your dopdown and link it to the category collection. Add a text link in the dynlist item and set it up as a link tot he category template where you put a dynamic list showing posts filtered by category.


Hi there, I did this on this site, as Vincent says - so, yes you can!

The ‘Blog Categories’ and ‘Blog Authors’ are pulled from the CMS - including the Blog Author thumbnails.

Regards - Kai

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Hi @Keejo could you please explain me how did you create the dropdown to collections.

The only problem I need the dropdown outside the nav bar

Thanks in advance

Hi @carlos94587 - Yeah sure! No problem… You can drag in a Dropdown component anywhere on the page; inside or outside the nav bar and it will work the same. Just add a dynamic list inside the ‘Dropdown List’ and add a Link Block to connect to your collection:

Hope you get it working!
Regards Kai

Excellent, thank you so much

and if the menu is large, you need to create a lot of collections, and their number is limited, how to get around it?

I had struck with the same problem, but found it was a little tricky, so i made a video so that it could be helpful for others struck with the same issue. Here is the Webflow : cms enabled dropdown

sorry but current versions of WF say ‘collection list’ not ‘dynamic list’ it would be super helpful to update these posts to include up to date info so i don’t have to spend hours fiddling with something that will never work anyway, because the instructions are out of date?