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Link categories (collection pages) to links in the nav-bar


I’m working on a project and on the menu, we have a drop-down named “categories” with all the categories that are on the blog.

We created a collection page for each category and now I would like to link each page to the proper link in the drop-down menu.

Does anyone know how to do it? Because I can link the nav-bar item to a static page, but I don’t see the option to link it to a collection page.

This is the read-only link:

Thanks in advance.

Yes, your list of category links must be a collection list. So, in your Dropdown element, you get rid of the links (you copy one) and you put a collection list linked to the Category collection.

Inside one collection item, you paste your link previously copied, and you bind it to the Name field of the collection. Now you select it and go to the Settings tab, and dynamically set the link to “Current item” or something like this. This will always link to the template page of the item.


Hi @vincent

Thanks for your help! However, I don’t how to add the collection list in the drop-down. When I add a collection list to the drop-down all items are visible at the same time, one above the other. So the drop-down it’s not a drop-down any more.

Could you explain with more detaisl how to do this?

Thanks a lot!

Hi, did you manage to solve this?

I followed your solution, but for Step #2 my “Link Settings” panel doesn’t show the “Get Text From Categories” dropdown, so I can specify the exact page I want. Is there any reason this check box and dropdown option isn’t showing on my side?