CMS collection pages subfolder

Is it possible in Webflow, without harming SEO, to make CMS collection pages not be directed into a subfolder?

For example, a client I work on wants programmatic location pages, so we would want to use:
rather than:



Not natively. I do this on occasion using a reverse proxy setup, but you have to be careful to avoid conflicts with any existing pages like /about, /contact, etc.

It won’t negatively impact SEO as long as you;

  • Update all canonicals and alt lang links ( for localized sites )
  • Update your sitemap accordingly
  • Redirect your native CMS paths to your new paths, to maintain current SEO and nav / backlink functionality

If you want to go that route, you can contact me here-

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Sounds too much of a hassle for that small URL optimization :confused:

Was hoping for a simpler solution, good to know though thanks Michael!