How do I add multiple sub-folders in URL slug?


I’m building out my blog and want to format my blog categories like this:

The problem is, whenever I save the “blog/category/” in the custom URL slug for my Category Collection, webflow changes this to:

How do I preserve the forward slash?

Why do I want this? Want to mirror blog URL structure from SEO authorities Moz, Neil Patel etc.

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Hi @jwb Jacob,

Welcome to our community and your first of many posts here.

The structure for URLs in the CMS within Webflow is built with the collections in mind. When you create a collection of categories you are using this specifically as a reference field for your actual blog posts.

The blog-category/category-name is not the one you should be focusing on. The is the one you should focus your attention to.

Have you created your blog post collection yet? Linked your categories to this collection?

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Hey Brandon, thanks for the quick reply!

I’ve setup my Collections as follows (and made connections from Blog to Author, Tags and Categories):


Here’s a work in progress example of a blog, with an URL that’s perfectly fine:

However, what I’m trying to achieve is to get a my “guide” blog category to format as mentioned in the original post, which it currently does not. As you can see from the example above, once you click guide you end up at (don’t mind the page not found haven’t designed it yet):

As opposed to

Hi @jwb,

This should be archived by changing the canonical address! It’s a matter of adding code to that page. Use this link for a description and how-to!


I see - so I’d apply the canonical address to a page that I setup myself, per category with the slug of my choosing and then apply the canonical (soft redirect) on the auto generated one for SEO. ’

Thank you for your help!

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So, whatever url we are pushing in canonical with the category name in this case. Will redirects be needed since, we are telling google that url structure with category exists but in reality it doesn’t.

Yes @veermanhas I believe that is the case. However, I would recommend some trial and error to see how it works.

TBH, I’ve never actually done it myself, I was advised on that process by a colleague.

Best Regards,
~ Brandon

Hi @jwb

Did this work? and how did you set it up?

Decided against it since it’s not an actual directory but a redirect, so yes the solution worked but no I didn’t apply.

Wanted the real deal not a workaround.

Ok, as I understand it Cloudflare is the only option for creating subfolders for collections i Webflow :confused:

@Christoffer do you have a reference for this option you reference using Cloudflare?

Hi @banderilla

In a post here at the forum, search for it and it will probably show up! It was a link to a Medium article I think.

I believe this is the article: